GR-800 Ground Threats Area Protection System
GR-800 Ground Threats Area Protection System
Intrusion Threats
Terrorist attacks are known by sudden penetration of intruders into the site territory, with various harmful purposes that create the danger of death of people and destruction of property.
Illegal entry into private and public property with the aim of stealing property. It can cause violence, life and health threat as well as causing moral and physical damage.
Border crossing
In our time, the fight against illegal migrants illegally crossing the border through unguarded territory has become relevant.
Smuggling is one of the historical problems of such sites as prisons, customs zones and state borders around the world.
Concept and Advantages of the GR-800 system
The modern concept of object protection, based on a virtual perimeter, implements the protection of the territory, and not just the site perimeter line.
Высокая вероятность обнаружения при минимуме ложных тревог
Технология Искусственного Интеллекта, заложенная в контроллере IQ-CON, позволяет существенно повысить эффективность выявления потенциальных угроз системы «Radar-IQ» при минимуме ложных тревог.
Визуальная автоматическая классификация и сопровождение объекта на основе нейросетевой видеоаналитики
Для примера использован один и тот же кадр, показывающий результат работы видеоаналитики и цифрового приближения детектированного объекта.
Моноблочная конструкция
Обзор 360° без слепых зон
Панорамирование с непрерывным вращением, беспрепятственный обзор на 360° по горизонтали, а также наклон на 180° вверх и вниз гарантируют полный сферический обзор окружающего пространства.
Система вращения DV-EYE реализована на высоко-надежных и тихих механизмах прямого привода. Это гарантирует долгий срок службы, высокую и стабильную заданную точность, а также долгосрочную надежность.
Virtual Perimeter Security Tasks

  • To detect potential intruders long before they cross the site border
  • Continuous visual monitoring of the violator's actions in real time: before, during and after crossing the perimeter
  • Site perimeter protection where physical fence is not applicable (water, open area, entrance)
System advantages
Minimum false alarms
High detection probability with a minimum of false alarms. Artificial Intelligence technology embedded in the IQ-CON controller can significantly increase the efficiency of identifying potential threats with a minimum of false alarms.
Violator auto classifying
Visual automatic classification and tracking of radar detected violator based on neural network video analytics.
All-in-One system design
«ALL-IN-ONE» design
No blind spots
Panning with continuous rotation, an unobstructed view of 360 ° horizontally, and tilting 180 ° up and down, guarantees a full spherical view of the surrounding area.
Situational awareness for the Operator
Target detection, visual threat assessment, assessment of the effectiveness of the measures taken
Modular system with many options
The "Radar-IQ" perimeter security system includes radar, video camera, thermal imager and controller modules.
Functionality versus cost ratio
The best ratio of functionality and cost