Artificial Intelligence Controller
CORE-IQ is the main backbone component of the Radar-IQ system
CORE-IQ combines a 3600 view radar detector and a 3600 PTZ camera into one device for comprehensive monitoring of the protected area

Main tasks performed:
  • Automatic object video recognition;
  • Automatic tracking of a recognized object using a PTZ camera;
  • Video stream encoding;
  • Radar data processing.

• Single IP connection
•Radar Data processing
•Direct PTZ camera control
•CNN Video Analytics
•In-build Video Tracking
•In-build RTSP video server
Built-in functions
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CORE-IQ Key Features:
CORE-IQ – built-in functions
1. Single IP connection
  • Advanced Network architecture
2. Radar Track processing
  • Local to GPS track coordinates (data)
  • Track Classification (human / car / track/ drone / …)
  • Track Prioritization
  • Logical Zone spatial Track Analytics (2D & 3D)
  • Track Filtering
  • Radar Settings & Status processing
  • Radar settings profile
  • Radar Auto run
  • Radar Health Monitoring
3. Direct PTZ camera control
  • Auto camera PTZ pre-positioning to see the Target (Track)
  • Basic Target video Tracking, radar data based
4. AI Video Analytics
  • Video analytics for Target recognition
  • Video Analytics for "Advanced" smooth Target Tracking with AI recognition
5. RTSP Server

Video stream with synchronized VA and radar data

6. Easy 3-rd party integration
CORE-IQ: Advanced Network Architecture: